Spirited Dreams is a place to put forth visions of trustworthy governance and leadership  at all levels of society.  Hopefully, we’ll infuse spiritual and ethical dimensions into many of these visions.  We’ll explore issues of regulation, use of agents, compensation, risk, markets, education, competition, and wealth distribution.

Publishing Your Work on Spirited Dreams.

If you’d like to publish a contribution to this blog, please submit your work in pdf format to greg dot spiriteddreams at gmail dot com (replace “dot” and “at” with appropriate symbols.) Your real name and affiliation are also required. There is no charge for submitting, reviewing or publishing your contributions at Spirited Dreams.

All work published on Spirited Dreams is subject to editorial review and should contribute to the vision of the blog stated above.

Additionally, written comments are encouraged from the general public on each article published – even if they are critical of the viewpoints or methods expressed. Such comments are subject to moderation. Comments found to be abusive, off-topic, or outside the boundaries of community standards will be deleted. and are followed at Spirited Dreams.

Please indicate if you’d like to have an additional external review of your work prior to publication. The name of the reviewer will appear at the bottom of the submission.


Previous articles posted provide examples of the content and format of desirable submissions. To the extent possible, provide hotlinks to referenced materials. Submissions, including visual materials, should not be copyrighted elsewhere. If your submission is cross-listed or published elsewhere, it must be clearly noted as such at the top of the article. In addition to submitting a pdf file, please submit your work in a way that formatting and hyperlinks will be preserved when the article is “cut and pasted” into the WordPress blog. Rich text formatted files will generally work for this purpose and most word processors will provide rtf formatted output.

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